Write logically

Be original and succinct in your content writing. Write what most of your customers may think or type.(minimum: 500 words maximum: 3500 words if the business has a worldwide products or services to offer)

Spred Keyword Events

Don't cram keywords in your content or blogs. Spread your keywords evenly so they look more organic. Ideal number of keywords per 100 words is 10.

Stay Active

Stay active and linked in possibly all the well known social networking sites and common search engines.

Create links

Create your own links through web content, articles, blog posts and business oriented sites without drifting into irrelevant tangents.

Visual Treat

Images chosen ought to be eye catching and high in resolution and it's always a good idea to replace them with new ones every quarterly.

Avoid Flash

Flash cannot be read by search engines. Don't use it if you are looking for better aspects of seo. However, if your business category falls into cartoon-film making or any similar types then you can always go ahead and use them.

Geo Location

Biographical details given for a story on a magazine or an article for a directory submission is a great way of increasing opportunities and credentials on seo. Make sure to use keywords in your bio.

Well Oriented Assistance

Emphasize and get well oriented with google search assistance. There are even number of features and relevant images that are free to use without risking copyright infringement.

Be Organized.

Primarily and most importantly, you need to present it all in a well organised manner and always be on a search for new methods of professionalizing your website.

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